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"Tales from the Lily Pad" is a podcast by Marlene Wurfel, a Canadian writer and performer. At the lilypad, Lily, a frog, tells audio stories for kids and family listeners. You can learn more about Marlene at 


or, visit the Tales from the Lilypad facebook page.


  1. My family loves your stories. We snuggle up in bed and listen to the stories every night before bed.

  2. My boys and I love your stories. You make all our car rides much sweeter.

  3. My boys and I love your stories. You make all our car rides much sweeter.

  4. Hello,
    I have written a children’s charity book and I would love it if you would read it on your podcast. Lub-Swish-Dub, Isla and Brown Bear in the Great Hospital Ice Cream Hunt, is a magical story written to help children deal with the anxiety of hospital visits.

    Isla is a little girl with a special heart whose best friend in the whole wide world is a teddy called Brown Bear. Isla has to go to hospital and is looking forward to having ice cream, once her heart scan is over. But Brown Bear just can’t wait and sneaks off to find the hospital cafĂ© and a whole world of adventure.

    The book is based on my family's personal experiences as my daughter, Isla, has a heart condition. We found that there were no appropriate books to help Isla deal with the stress of hospital visits so I wrote Lub-Swish-Dub to fill the gap.

    A crowd funding campaign raised enough money to have 3000 copies of the book printed. The bulk of the books are being distributed through the charities The National Literacy Trust and Read For Good. Copies have also been given out to schools and childrens’ centres across the UK and Isla’s consultant cardiologist Dr Elspeth Brown is distributing copies through her clinics.

    I have worked with Bafta award winning actress and former voice of Peppa Pig, Harley Bird, and Emmy award winning presenter Jenn Barlow on producing video content to bring the story to a wider audience. These can be found on our Facebook and Instagram pages and YouTube channel.

    It would be great to use your show to get the story to a wider audience and I can post you a copy of the book and send a PDF of the book.

    I look forward to your reply.

    Matt, Isla and Brown Bear


Lily is hoppy to hear from you.